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What is the need for Bookkeeping?

Legally speaking, there is a requirement for every business to keep a record of their transactions. If, upon being investigated it is found that, the business has not kept adequate records, depending on the severity of the consequences, the business could get fined up to £3000.

Another ancillary benefit of bookkeeping records is good decision making based on analysis of records since a review or formulation of a summary for reporting purposes becomes a smooth process, with appropriate book keeping.

We are willing to do it for you

In case you decide to outsource your bookkeeping function to us, we offer you our professional services that promise the following:

We choose the most suitable bookkeeping software for you that fit in with your business needs, and is beneficial for you in terms of cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness.

Since our staff is qualified and experienced to perform the above, we guarantee you accuracy and thus peace of mind with the likelihood of mistakes minimised to nil.

Whilst our expert analyses your bookkeeping records, they may be able to spot some opportunities or areas for improvement. They may also be able to come up with suggestions on tax savings e.g. via opting for a certain scheme or an exemption that you may be eligible for.

We provide you choice…..

In case you opt to do bookkeeping in house, we are more than happy to provide you with a choice of soft wares and provide you training at our premises to enable you to efficiently carry out the above.

We are proud to state that we are partners with Intuit, Exact online, Kashflow, Xero and Sage and are willing to get you atrteed on one of the baove, should you wish to do the bookkeeping yourself. Alternatively, you an choose or let us recommend you the software that is most suitale for you an dwe make it work for you smoothly.

How do we make it work for you?

Being Green accounts and having achieved accreditation with Investors in Environment (IIE) on a Green level, we promote green accounting wherever possible. We, therefore encourage all our clients to send us as much data online as possible. However, where we are dealing with large volumes of data, we offer you the prepaid envelope/ mail bag service in order to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Depending on the legal structure and other details of your business, we may ask for the financial data on a quarterly/ annual basis.

Once we have updated your bookkeeping records, if you are using cloud based system, you will be able to access the bookkeeping details and suggest any amendments as appropriate.

If you do your own bookkeeping?

If your business is small and relatively simple, we encourage you to do your bookkeeping yourself, if you are willing to do so, since that provides you with cost savings.

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be more beneficial to do your bookkeeping yourself. This may also help you with keeping control of your finances and highlighting any major expenses and revenues in your business finance stream, whilst providing you all the financial information at hand for you.

How much for all this?

We charge as less as 30p per transaction to do all that for you. However, in case, your transactions require foreign exchange and currency conversions, charges will vary slightly, though staying competitive.