• One to One Service
  • Option of Direct Debit Payments with NO INTEREST
  • Extra Support and advice at no extra cost
  • Simplification of Complex data into plain English

Accounts for Contractors & SMEs

  • Preparation & Filing of Annual Accounts by your Expert Accountant
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Management Accounts
  • Compliance work with regards to HMRC

Why are Accounts needed?

Accounts are the presentable form of financial information of a business and they are primarily needed by HMRC to from a basis of how much Tax is owed.

A business can derive innumerable benefits by holding the status of a Limited company. e.g. business lenders could be convinced for bigger amount of debts and negotiations could be made with suppliers etc.

A limited company status could add prestige to your business and provide immense confidence to your lenders with regards to issues of risks.

We venture to provide you a set of monthly/quarterly management accounts which are a snapshot of how well you are doing in order to keep you updated and to assist you in any short term business decisions

Money Matters

One of our biggest strengths lies in affordable fees

What do we offer you

  • A one to one service- your expert to assist you throughout
  • Affordable fees
  • Production and Filing of your Annual Accounts
  • Production and filing of your Tax Return
  • Regular advice and Updates
  • Liaison with HMRC including representation in case of investigation
  • Business and Financial Analysis and further actions at no extra cost