• One to One Service
  • Option of Direct Debit Payments with NO INTEREST
  • Extra Support and advice at no extra cost
  • Simplification of Complex data into plain English

A Sole trader is the individual who fully owns the business and thus, is fully liable for any business debts and borrowings. Legally speaking, the business and sole trader cannot be differentiated when it comes to paying off debts.

We take care of you right from the beginning of your business as a sole trader and take you through the stages of further growth and development at an economical fee and provide you all the support that you need, should you choose to transform your business into a Limited Company based on the needs and requirements.

Reasons WHY we are loved by Sole Traders

Sole traders are usually small business owners and taking that into account, we provide immense support to them to relieve them of the worries of number crunching exercise. Consequently, they could focus more upon the growth of business.

Moreover, we also train our sole traders and provide them with a template so as to keep their records organised and updated. We make sure they are paying exactly the correct amount of tax to HMRC-not a penny more or less-aiming at putting as much as we could save into their wallet.