Limited Companies

Limited Companies Accountancy Services

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  • One to One Service
  • Option of Direct Debit Payments with NO INTEREST
  • Extra Support and advice at no extra cost
  • Simplification of Complex data into plain English

Business men often get confused over the choice of business structure, when starting off; as they are not entirely sure of which structure would be most advantageous for them. And that’s exactly what we are here for: we take away all the pains, providing you expert advice on whether to set up a company first hand or to set up as a sole trader, depending on your circumstances.

The main advantage that companies enjoy over sole traders and partnerships is the share structure and the limited liability over the business owner (s) private assets, with regards to the repayment of debts.

We take care of all the financial affairs for you so that you can ‘think big’ and focus on the growth of your business rather than being worried about tax matters or filing of Annual return.

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Our exclusive Company package comprises of:

  • Your qualified expert accountant
  • Preparation and filing of accounts
  • Preparation and filing of VAT Returns
  • Submission of Corporation tax return and Annual Return
  • Tax advice
  • Free representation in the case of HMRC investigation
  • Business analysis and cost effective solutions
  • Business and Marketing advice
  • Reminders for deadlines
  • Regular meetings and updates
  • Unlimited Support and advice on all matters throughout the year

A Dedicated Service

We endeavour to provide you with a fully comprehensive package that exceeds your expectations and is parallel to your requirements.

In case you need other services such as bookkeeping and Payroll, they could also be added to your package, at a discounted price, once you have signed up with us.

Once you have formed a bond with us, we will make sure that we aim to strengthen and empower the relationship with you, making sure your company is financially healthy and running profitably.

Our basic Company guide provides you with a wealth of information on the pros and cons of Company formation and what entails it. Please feel free to download one from our Resources Preparation and filing of menu, and familiarise yourself with it.